Department of Mathematics

2017-05-26 17:42:33

Department of Mathematics originated in the South China Agricultural University basic teaching department, early mainly responsible for the basic teaching of mathematics. In 1996, the mathematics department was set up. In 2002, the major of information and computing science for undergraduate was set up. In 2004, the major of math and applied mathematics for undergraduate was set up. In 2005, the major of statistics for undergraduate was set up. In 2011, the major of financial mathematics for undergraduate was set up. Currently there are about 900 undergraduate students in this department.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

2017-06-20 22:34:19

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSED) was established in 1981. With efforts of more than 30 years, CSED has made great progress in personnel training and scientific research, etc.

Department of Information Engineering

2017-06-20 22:34:28

The Department of Information Engineering (IED), established in 1995, is merged by the former Information Management Department and Management Science Engineering Department. It offers Information Management and Information System program established in 1995 and Industrial Engineering program in 2008 and it is an interdisciplinary teaching and research unit relating to Computer Science and Technology, Management Science and Engineering, and Agricultural Engineering. The faculty of IED is composed of 25 teachers including 3 professors, 6 associate professors, 14 lecturers and 2 experimentalists, among whom 16 have received Doctorate Degree and 9 have won Master's Degree, including 3 in-service doctoral students.

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