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Our school students for the first time to participate in National College Robot Contest excellent results

2017-05-26 17:55:27

May 12 to 13, the Sixteenth National College Robot Contest (RoboMasters'2017) Southern Division tournament held in South China University of University City campus sports tube. Our students team "SCAU_ROBOT_ dream" team competition on behalf of the school for the first time. "SCAU_ROBOT_ dream" team was established in January 2017, mainly by the School of Engineering, School of Electronic Engineering, School of Mathematics and Information, School of Software 2016 freshman composition, is the youngest teams in a team.

College held its tenth member, student congress

2017-07-26 10:43:12

May 21 morning, the College of Mathematics and Information, Software College tenth member, student congress was held in Mountain Student Center. The General Assembly heard a second term of the Ninth Academy Youth League, students work report, first elected to any of the Tenth Communist Youth League, student council members. Party Secretary Zhang Yi made,the school deputy secretary Anna, college counselors, school students and representatives of fraternal Communist Youth League School students attended the meeting.

Our hospital with four well-known companies to build innovation and entrepreneurship practice base

2017-07-26 10:43:38

Recently, the College of Mathematics and Information, Guangdong Wen's College of Software and Information Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Neusoft Riedel Education Information Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Yihubaiying Network Technology Co. , Ltd.

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