Academic report: Proximity algorithm and its application in image processing

Subject Academic report: Proximity algorithm and its application in image processing
Speaker Shen Lixin ( Lixin Shen ), Syracuse University professor
Time 2017-05-22 16:00:00
Location Mathematics and Information Science 201 Lecture Hall

Report title:Proximity Algorithms and Its Applications to Image Processing

Speaker: Shen Lixin ( Lixin Shen ), Syracuse University professor

Time: 5 Yue 22 (Zhouyi) afternoon Day 4: 00-5: 00

Location: Mathematics and Information Science 201 Lecture Hall

Contact: Zhang Na   Fu Jiaoshou

Tel: 15914386597


Abstract:Proximity operator proposed by Moreau is a generalization of the notion of projection onto a convex set. Proximity operators have become central tools in the numerical solutions of a wide range of problems in data sciences. In this talk, an overview of proximity operators and their essential properties will be provided. Applications of proximity operators in image processing will be presented.  

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Speaker Profile: 
    Shen Lixin now the Department of Mathematics at Syracuse University tenured professor, senior adviser to the US Air Force.He in 1987 graduated from Peking University undergraduate, 1990 in master's degree at Peking University, 1996 was awarded a doctorate in mathematics at Zhongshan University. Worked at the National University of Singapore and USA Western Michigan University after graduation, Dr. after 2006 Department of Syracuse University, joined the math. His research interests include image processing, optimization algorithm, to calculate the harmonic analysis. Has been internationally renowned journals such as: 
Appl Comput Harmon Anal.... , Inverse Problems, the IEEE Trans Image Process.. , The IEEE Trans Signal Process, SIAM J. Imaging Sci... Published nearly as 50 papers. Served as the IEEE Trans. Signal Process . , Advan. Compt. The Math.Deputy editor of the magazine.

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