More miss, do not say goodbye - 2017 College Graduates evening come to an end

   The evening of May 20, School of Mathematics and Information, Software College 2017 graduates party held at the Huashan student activity center, the field party to "MIS'S" as the theme, convey a "little miss" and "not to be missed," the double connotation . Party Secretary Zhang Yi made, Vice President Gong was going, graduating class and all counselors attend the field event.


     With dance music sounds, hip-hop troupe hospital with a team of passionate dance "booming" kicked off the evening of the field. Graduates with the children on the same stage performance of "fancy basketball" cool action, showing the youthful vitality of students in our hospital; hospital troupe brought the chorus song "You Are the songs we sang together," he brought back precious youthful memories; humorous drama "lengthy confession" attracted the audience laughter again and again; musical performances "Sachs met piano", played the hymn graduated with passionate melodies. Finally, the hospital brought the troupe chorus song "do it all over" the atmosphere of this field event to a climax.


    Failed to keep the cycle of the seasons shadows of youth, he graduated Xiao Wang song will eventually become the most beautiful memories. Graduation is a new beginning, a new beginning, I sincerely wish the 2017 session of all the graduates can make up a different kind of journey in the future, Xinhua Life chapter written wonderful! (Map / text Communist Youth League student Department Wu Yingqi / Liang Junlin)


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