College held its tenth member, student congress

May 21 morning, the School of Mathematics and Information, Software College tenth member, student congress was held in Mountain Student Center. The General Assembly heard a second term of the Ninth Academy Youth League, students work report, first elected to any of the Tenth Communist Youth League, student council members. Party Secretary Zhang Yi made,the school deputy secretary Anna, college counselors, school students and representatives of fraternal Communist Youth League School students attended the meeting.


Secretary Zhang Yi made a speech

First, the Party Secretary Zhang Yi made on behalf of college expressed warm congratulations on the tenth member, the successful convening of the student congress, the Communist Youth League school to attend the General Assembly, the Student Union representatives and the fraternal College Communist Youth League, students expressed warm welcome to attend all members of the General Assembly, on behalf of the students extend cordial greetings! He said the recognition and accreditation of the college Communist Youth League, student achievement in recent years and hoped that the new Youth League, students will be able to continue its efforts to better play the advantages of organization and ownership, and further strengthen self-construction, carry out "self-education, self-management , self-service, self-monitoring "function, growth and success for the young students to provide more diverse, high-quality service.


Anna deputy secretary Speech

Secondly, the school deputy secretary Anna hope the new Youth League, students will be able to keep in mind their mission, closely around the whole group "Strengthening youth, serving the overall situation, a good bridge, strict management group" four-dimensional work pattern, the leadership of the hospital and students inheritance Carry forward the "pragmatic, pioneering and innovative," the fine tradition, and do practical things for the healthy growth of young students, to do good, problem-solving things, to ensure the interests of the Communist Youth League and representatives of student youth, safeguard, realize, the study group work to a new level. Student Union Executive Chairman Luo Gan Feng students and student council School of Engineering Chen Zhenghua students were also addressed the General Assembly.


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Then, our hospital members representatives, student representatives to vote for the Communist Youth League, student council member candidates by secret ballot. Meanwhile, the General Assembly heard and considered the second term of the Ninth Communist Youth League, students work report, and presented letters of appointment to the Bureau of the Communist Youth League student's second ninth.




Finally, the Director of tellers announced the results of the vote count. The meeting elected the first term of the Tenth Communist Youth League members 35, 38 student members.

  Recalling the past, look to the future, we sincerely wish the new Youth League, students will be able to the future, riding sail sailing era of brave, new heights.

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