Our school students for the first time to participate in National College Robot Contest excellent results

   May 12 to 13, the Sixteenth National College Robot Contest (RoboMasters'2017) Southern Division tournament held in South China University of University City campus sports tube. Our students team "SCAU_ROBOT_ dream" team competition on behalf of the school for the first time. "SCAU_ROBOT_ dream" team was established in January 2017, mainly by the School of Engineering, School of Electronic Engineering, School of Mathematics and Information, School of Software 2016 freshman composition, is the youngest teams in a team. The team relies on Mathematics and Information Science "Innovation Lab robot" platform, within three months, team members worked day and night, to withstand pressure from all sides to overcome various difficulties to produce the desired 7 robot competition (including one base station robot , 3 robot infantry, 1 hero robot, a robot station depot, 1 aerial robot), 7 robots all passed the stringent technical assessment of the contest, well into the southern Division to participate in the final scene, in the game, "SCAU_ROBOT _ dream "team eventually won the third prize fight calmly. 

Our school "SCAU_ROBOT_ dream" team competition on behalf of the school for the first time

   It is reported that, RoboMasters contest is one of the world's largest robotics event, organized by the Communist Youth League Central, the National Federation, the Shenzhen Municipal Government, DJI Dajiang Innovation sponsoring and hosting. Unlike other robot competition, RoboMasters in the form of "Robot Wars", the teams design their own hero robots, infantry, robots and aerial robots, launch "projectiles" in a complex battlefield for the war; battlefield settings "river", "grass" different "bridge", "ammunition" and the feature "rune", robots need to cooperate with each other and work together in war; every game limit of 7-10 minutes, taking their base, "destroy" all the other fighting robots, or end of the game if one party more blood will get the game victory. In the course of the competition, team members out of the classroom, the composition of armor clan, independent research and development, production robots involved shooting confrontation.

   Our school team members said that through the competition gained valuable practical skills and strategic thinking, and the combination of theory and practice, to build an advanced intelligent robots in the fierce competition.

   RoboMasters project in addition to various forms of national competition (including Tournament and Skills Challenge), as well as the campus club, robotics summer camp students, engineers Assembly, build laboratories and industry leaders dedicated to invite domestic and international experience-sharing. By promoting dialogue and exchanges of engineers, to enhance the ability and creativity of the participants.

Attached: "SCAU_ROBOT_ dream" team members list:

 Coach: Chen Xiang Ji Associate Professor School of Mathematics School of Software and Information  
 Advisor: Professor Liu Xing Xu Dongfeng fiscal Associate Professor School of Mathematics and Information Software Institute 

 Leader: Ni Huinuo counselors and Information Department of Mathematics, School of Software  
 captain: Liang Yu College of Engineering 2015 Vehicle 1 Class  
 Project Management: What Masaharu School of Software 2016 Software Engineering 3 classes  
 Publicity Manager: Huang full of good and Information Department of Mathematics 2016 Information Management Class 3  
  Chen Yingxiong project College 2016 electric 5 classes  
  Xiao Dongdong Engineering 2016 machinery 2 classes  
  beam plow source software Institute 2016 software Engineering 5 classes  
  Huang increasing School of electronic Engineering 2016 Electronics 10 classes  
  Lin Kangrong School of electronic Engineering 2016 Electronics 10 classes  
  Li Yazhen and information Department of Mathematics Masters 2015 graduate  
  Chen Zeping School of electronic Engineering 2016 12 e-class  
  Li Hang School of electrical Engineering 2015 class 1

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