The leaders of the undergraduate school came to our school to investigate

From 9:00 am to 11:30 am on March 4,2021 Chen Zhenming, vice dean of the College of undergraduate students, AIHE TAIAI Kaimu and comrades of the examination section went to the College of Mathematics and information to investigate the opinions of the new regulations such as the “Regulations on the administration of curriculum assessment”which were put into practice in our college. Xiao Lei vice president, Fang Sanhu Vice President, Department teaching director, teacher representatives and academic staff attended the survey meeting.

Chen Zhenming introduced the main spirit of the new practice such as the revised draft of “The regulations of the course examination management”, “The process examination”, and the construction of the item bank. Vice-president Xiao Lei elaborated the feasibility and problems of implementing the new regulations in our college. The dean and Teachers’representatives put forward the concrete problems and suggestions.