The school of Mathematics and information science and the School of software hold the rain class wisdom teaching training

    On the afternoon of March 31, Yu Meilan, a trainer at the online “Rain Classroom”education and training center of Tsinghua University, trained the entire faculty to use the “Rain classroom”software in the 500 lecture hall of the College of Mathematics and information science.

    “Rain Class”is a new intelligent teaching solution jointly launched by Tsinghua University and Xuechuang Online, and is the latest research achievement of the online education research center of the Ministry of Education, it is committed to providing data-based and intelligent information support for all teaching processes quickly and free of charge. At the meeting, Yu Meilan introduced the “Rain class”operating procedures and functions. She introduced the operation method in detail from three steps: How to start teaching, how to show the scene of class teaching and how to collect data. After the meeting, she answered the questions that the teachers encountered in the operation.