Our College students in the seventh session of the undergraduate students “Model Leadership Program”awarded excellent results

In order to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the National Education Conference, and to promote education for all, all-round development and all-round development, and fulfill the fundamental task of cultivating moral character and cultivating people, in December 2020, the school launched the 7th undergraduate student “Model Leadership Program”selection, and the selection was successfully concluded by April of the 2021. In the selection of “Model leading program”, our students won the “Huanong Star”and other 4 Pacesetter Awards, which fully demonstrated the good spirit of our students to strive for excellence and make progress.

“Model-leading plan”is an educational activity with the characteristics of the Chinese farmers. It is also one of the important contents of the work of “Three complete educations”. The “Model leading program”is sponsored by the student work department (Graduate Work Department of the Party Committee) of the party committee, “Huanong star”, “Community party member star”, “Academic star”, “Self-improvement star”, “Style star”five individual awards, “Star Civilized Dormitory”a collective award, divided into two levels of school and college selection. Among them, our college hosted the “Huanong Star”judging event, which was held in the Hongmantang academic lecture hall for the first time. Twenty Huanong star candidates presented their own life experiences and values to the audience with full spirit, the answers to the questions raised by the judges and teachers reveal the new life attitude of the contemporary young students to strive for perfection, and reflect the exemplary demeanour of the outstanding Chinese agricultural students. The activities have achieved good results.

Our College has always attached great importance to the construction of the style of study, giving full play to the role of role models, and enhancing the “Point-by-point”educational demonstration effect. In the past South China Agricultural University of the “Model Leadership Program”, our students have won a total of 55 Pacesetter Awards, 30 nominations. For the advanced individuals and collectives emerging from the “Model Leadership Program,”our college actively publicizes its advanced deeds through channels such as the college’s micro-officials, holding face-to-face activities with role models, etc. , leading the majority of students to internalize excellence in their hearts and externalize excellence in their actions, encouraging and inspiring our students to strive bravely and positively, and giving full play to the exemplary leading role of outstanding students, it is beneficial to promote the construction of excellent style of study and the quality of personnel training, and helps the school strive for “Double first-class”. Office of literary student affairs

Appendix: The winners list of the 7th “Model leading program”of our college