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Agricultural automation and electrification

Master degree

Master’s degree in a first-class discipline: Mathematics

Main research field: the discipline research team has been engaged in the  mathematics basic theory and the application research, there are four  main areas of study: functional analysis theory and applications,  complex analysis theory and applications, partial differential equation  theory and applications, mathematical statistics and big data,  especially in functional analysis theory and application, complex  analysis theory and application, partial differential equation theory  and application of these three research areas to form a certain feature.

Master of Science in first-class Discipline: Computer Science and Technology

Main research field: Computer  Architecture: research interests include Internet of things,  distributed computing, multimedia technology; computer software and  theory: research interests include security in cyberspace, Software  Engineering, cloud computing and big data, artificial intelligence;  Computer Application Technology: research interests include computer  vision, intelligent information processing, and robotics.

Professional Master’s degree authorized point: electronic information

Main research field: this major focuses on the key technical issues facing  computer development, taking advantage of the cross-disciplinary  advantages with electronic information technology, research interests  include security in cyberspace, computer vision, software engineering,  big data, and artificial intelligence.

Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and management

Main research field: this major focuses on the key technical issues facing  engineering management and brings into play the interdisciplinary  advantages, his research interests include information technology and  management information systems, systems engineering and management, and  modern project management and evaluation techniques.