Top Information and Computing Science class opening ceremony successfully held

In order to cultivate the innovative thinking of undergraduates, broaden the vision of education in basic subjects, and build an elite group of students with excellent research and development ability and wide range of knowledge, on March 10, the opening ceremony of the top-notch class in information and computing science of the School of Mathematics and information was held in the building 802 of the Digital Information Institute. Fang Yutian, Deputy Secretary of the party committee of Suxin College, Xiao Lei, deputy dean, representatives of the teachers of the mathematics department and all the students of the top-notch excellent class attended the conference. The meeting was chaired by Professor Wei Fuyi.

First of all, Fang Yutian, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Mathematics and information science, delivered a class speech. He congratulated the students who were selected for this “Top-notch and excellent-creating class.”He hoped that the students in this “Excellent-creating class”would work hard to learn professional knowledge, improve their quality and cherish their youth, firm confidence, study hard, practice hard, strive to become the school’s outstanding talent, live up to the expectations of the school and the hard work of teachers. Stick to one station in the end, learn something, learn something!


Then, Deputy Dean Xiao Lei started from three aspects: why do we build top-notch classes, what do we expect from our students? He pointed out that top-notch classes aim to provide a higher platform for more outstanding students, at the same time, we should extend and expand the knowledge, impart the advanced knowledge of the subject, arouse the enthusiasm of the students, and cultivate the innovative thinking. Combined with the professional advantages of information technology, students are encouraged to set up lofty aspirations, cherish opportunities, with youth vitality and excellent results, live up to the time, forge ahead!

    After that, Professor Wei Fuyi of the Department of Mathematics made a speech on behalf of all the excellent teachers. He pointed out that our school set up a top-notch class, the purpose is to let those ambitious, basic skills, outstanding students can stand out at the university stage, for everyone to provide a more diverse development platform and growth space. I hope that the students in the future continuous learning and practice to obtain true knowledge, training true ability, growth true ability, for the provincial-class professional construction to make their own contributions.


This top-notch class opening ceremony, reflects the importance and expectations of the college leaders, so that students more clearly understand the responsibilities of their shoulders. In the future, they will cherish the platform resources provided by the school, carry forward the spirit of self-improvement and self-motivated, not afraid of difficulties, to practice, with their own efforts to repay the expectations of the school and teachers, with actual action to fulfill their commitments, with full of blood to write their own youth chapter.

At last, we have a signing ceremony and a group photo for the top-notch teachers. (photo/Office of literary student affairs)